Dark side of the Moon

Jun 29 - Jul 23, 2022

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Art Sohyang will hold the 〈Dark side of the Moon〉 exhibition by Song Jeehye, Jeje, Choi Woo and Chaeon from June 29 (Wed) to July 23 (Sat). We cannot see the other side of the moon because the moon has the same rotation cycle as the moon, which is called the 〈Dark side of the moon〉. The meaning of the moon here is used as a metaphor for the "human inner side" rather than astronomical approaches, which may seem playful or cute on the outside, but if you look inside, it contains a dark human inner story. It will be an exhibition where you can compare the stories of the deep unconscious world of human beings, each of which has been solved in their own way by the four artists.
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Dark side of the Moon

Jun 29 - Jul 23, 2022

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